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    FINALLY MANAGED TO GET PICTURES but hey guys I have a kind of sudden and strange but very desperate request!

    This here is Gypsy, my neighbor’s cat. She’s an absolute sweetheart—I can’t even put into words how sweet and caring and absolutely loving and patient she is. My neighbor has two young boys and the older one does…NOT in any way, shape, or form know how to treat pets, unfortunately. From yanking tails to bodily sitting on her with all his weight (he’s five) to pull her fur and hit her, I’m surprised this angel is still alive to be honest.

    And yet despite this, she has only scratched him a mere handful of times; only when she really does think her life is in danger. She has the patience and forgiveness of a saint (though sometimes I wish she had a bit more sense of self preservation). And she doesn’t hold any grudges towards people either—I got these pictures from just simply calling her name and she came running and rubbing against me demanding pets. Just show her a bit of love and affection and she’ll love and trust you for life.

    She’s free to a good home and my neighbors want so very much for her to find a home that’s less abusive. They’re also willing to pay for any necessary veterinary appointments and vaccine updates beforehand as well! My sister and I would take her in a heartbeat but unfortunately my sister is deathly allergic to cats and coupled with asthma is a big no-no. I would take her myself but I still live at home. Please, I just really want to make sure she lives the rest of her life happy and safe with another family that loves her.

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  3. headcanon: Years before Hyrule Warriors takes place, little 7yo Princess Zelda is looking at the Hero outfit that she keeps on her bedside table for  the destined Hero and thinks “but what if it’s wintertime and the Hero gets cold” and proceeds to knit a warm comfy scarf to go with it. 

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    Friendly reminder that the same actress plays all these






    tall wome-


  5. thatgamecompany:

    This superb Journey x Legend of Zelda cosplay was made by Sarahstrasza Cosplay.

    This is now one of our favorites.  :D

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    For all the care you put into artistry, visual polish frequently doesn’t matter if you are getting the story right.
    — Ed Catmull (via disneypixar)
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    Fighting with Fi makes me dizzy.XD Girl’s way too fast for the human eye to track. And she does a surprising amount of damage for a small character, which I guess is not surprising since she’s the Master Sword, after all.

    I also let Link fight with the 8-bit sword and shield to replay the first part of Legend Mode…  Koei Tecmo had wayyy to much fun with that.

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    I can’t believe my favorite character made it into Smash.


  10. Fastest way to level up Zelda so far (aside from paying to level her at the dojo) is by running her through Free mode. It gets kind of… awkward in some parts (Zelda and Sheik standing side by side is somehow even more magically confusing than Zelda standing beside ZeldaXD) but it’s fun! And I’m collecting Gold Skulltulas now. 

    Now that I figured out how the game works (capture ALL the keeps!) I’m able to slow down and actually read the story now. It’s unmistakably Musou with a Zelda skin, but with a warm respect for the Zelda franchise while gently poking fun at the whole timeline thing. (also I’m wondering when the Majora’s Mask faction is going to start claiming that the whole thing takes place in the Hyrule of Termina, lol) 

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    also Cia is like the ultimate creepy stalker fangirl. her “shrine” was like… 


  12. BOOYEAH I finished Hyrule Warriors Legend Mode (on Easy of course). For some reason I forgot that Yuki Kaji was playing Link in this one. I guess since Link’s dialogue is mostly yelling and screaming, all that Eren experience will be handyXD

    Now I have to play through the adventure mode to unlock stuff. I’m tired of being limited to stupid Lana in Water Warrior levels~  I wanna play as Ruto! And I need to level up Zelda somehow. Link’s at level 37 thanks to so many levels requiring a higher-level Light warrior (and the Master Sword *cough*) and poor Zelda is trailing behind at level 20. SO MANY PRINCESSES IN THIS GAME LOL~

    I also got the Hero of Hyrule DLC because WEAPONIZED EPONA but I feel like I’m committing animal abuse whenever I use her. :x 

    I also accidentally found out how to pull down the moon, too bad I don’t use the hookshot enough 

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so young. so naive.


    so young. so naive.

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Little arms, big anxiety.


    Little arms, big anxiety.

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    I don’t like playing as Ganondorf. He slow.>: I guess Hyrule is really lucky that Zant and Ghirahim are incompetent ninnies. Now I’m curious if the AI is any smarter in harder modes.

    also apparently I needed to be PAYING ATTENTION to all the boss fights so far. Yup, we all know arrows are for eyes. BUT THE REST JUST SEEMED SO RANDOM. 

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